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"...Weiland taps into some real emotion"

"...singer/songwriter Carrie Weiland mixes soul and raw rock & roll for an appealing sound"

"...a spitfire of a debut...brings a lot to mind, most notably Sheryl Crow...Carrie's got a great voice...I bet her live show is amazing..."

"...vocally reminiscent of Sheryl Crow, but a true artist in her own right...she emotionally connects with the listener...Weiland and Gironda's songwriting abilities are strong"

"She can sound snarly sexy in an old R&B way ... a fresh feel to her vocals that makes you listen"

“...So impressed with the artistry...Carrie gives an awesome live performance.”

“...Pop sensibility...expressing an intimate yet universal perspective with every song...refreshing to say the least, allowing breathing room for the lyrics and music to take center stage.”

“...Weiland is smarter than many vocalists who perform their own material...she varies her delivery with vocal swoops and growls.”

“...San Diego is blessed with some marvelously original and extremely talented musicians and songwriters, and one of them would be Carrie Weiland.”

“...Her music is incredible, soulful and full of emotion! Be sure to check her out.”

“...A great rock feel...the lyrics are thoughtful.”

“...People follow her around...She’s fantastic.”

“...All that energy...she’s wonderful.”

“...Sticks to the basics and just lets the music and lyrics bring listeners back to an era when music meant something more than the next big thing...a funky sound that is truly unique.”

“...Hot contempo with a kiss of rock and R&B...this artist has a sultry straightforward style...top notch sound, looks and fresh clean vocals and lyrics...a strong talented artist with a bright future.”


- Amy Forsythe, KOCT TV Endless Summer

Carrie's song "Pain Pain Go Away" (track # 6 on her "No, Really I'm Fine" CD) was just chosen to be featured on a sensational international Independent Artist compilation album called "The Best Music You've Never Heard". Produced by UK-based music promotional company Mosquito Media, the album spotlights Carrie and 17 other upcoming talented artists from the UK, Europe and USA. Check out the Mosquito Media site at (www.mosquito-media.co.uk) to listen and buy the CD. BTW, each sale of each CD generates a donation to Breast Cancer Research. See a more detailed story through Music Dish, as it already made the "editor's" pick... (www.mi2n.com/press.php3?press_nb=67288)

Carrie's network television debut song placement was on the ABC show "Line Of Fire" was on Tuesday January 6, 2004 and it featured track #7 from the "No Really I'm Fine' CD ("Get Up") during a very emotional, relationship scene between two characters on the show that were having a difficult time with their expectations of each other- the song worked quite well, we hope you got to see it in action!

See the Carrie Weiland Trio at the
L' Auberge Del Mar

Summer 2008
in the new remodeled resort!

(858) 259-1515

1540 Camino Del Mar, corner of 15th St.

Hear great renditions of jazz standards,
blues, pop and songs from Carrie’s CD!

Check out this great column in The Del Mar Times (Del Mar, CA) featuring Carrie Weiland http://www.delmartimes.net/articles051305.html#dice. Look for "Support Your Trunk" by Luellen Smiley! Enjoy Luellen's very cool writing style and verrrry interesting perspective on Carrie and her wacky life!

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